What I’ve Learned Building Our House

A little insight for you my husband recently embarked on the journey of building our first home together. Note, I do not use the word journey lightly. We have been working on this process since September and we are just now getting to the fun stuff! The house is not finished yet but here is what I have learned thus far.

  1. Find a great contractor. I mean it. Do your research, check out recent houses they have built, get multiple quotes, and it’s totally okay just to base this off character or first impressions because you and the contractor are going to be in contact for the next months and it’s important that you not only like their work but them too.
  2. Have a vision. You are about to be bombarded with questions with everything between “what type of exterior do you want” to “where do you want this outlet placed”. Make a Pinterest board, find a house you like and take photos, read a magazine, whatever it is get inspired.
  3. Do not be afraid to speak up. I struggled with this throughout the whole process. If something is not exactly the way you want it, tell them. My husband constantly has to remind me that I am not inconveniencing them.
  4. Be patient. Did I mention we have been working on this since September? Haha. Seriously though take the move in date the contractor gives you and go ahead and add a couple of weeks to it so you’re not disappointed. There will be set backs, weather delays, holidays, you name it but do not get discouraged your house will get completed.
  5. Have fun. While this can be stressful process, remember to have fun. This season of life only last a little while and before you know it you will be in your house for 5 years. So sit back and buy some fun things for around the house and smile because you’re one step closer to move in day!

Here are some photos of our process thus far – if you have any questions of anything seen below in my photos feel free to comment below.

House PlansOur plans from architecturaldesigns.com plan #11777HZ // featuring a sample house which I really liked seeing actual photos of houses from the plans.


FoundationSnowy footers and beginning of the foundation // the boring stuff haha

Floor Mapped OutThe rooms all laid out // Don’t panic if you’re in this stage of building it will feel much smaller than it does by the end of it all, trust me.

FramingTyvek is UpRoofing ProcessFraming/Windows/Exterior doors/Roofing – Roof Color is ‘Weathered Wood’ // This process goes by quick the rest after this takes a little longer, like I said previously stay patient! 🙂

Front of House Siding Process Siding and Windows‘This is ex-siding’ – see what I did there? haha

We chose a wider vinyl siding (6 inches) to resemble baton board. This siding also has a beveled edge to it. I was inspired by the Sherwin Williams color: Backdrop and the contractor found this siding color called PUEBLO and it was almost identical.

We also added windows to this side of the house. Previously it would have just been the tiny window above the shower in the guest bathroom. We are so happy with the decision to add the windows. They really opened up the bedrooms and brought in a lot of natural light, which we love.

Damaged Window

Mistakes happen // We noticed this chipped window and told our contractor immediately and he fixed it no charge because one of the sub-contractors broke it while working.

Stone Exterior

The Stone by Horizon Stone  // this stone color is ‘Pinehurst Blend’ applied in ‘Olde World Series’ which basically means it combines different shapes and sizes of stone.

FireplaceFront Porch

More Stone Accents // again this stone color is ‘Pinehurst Blend’ applied in ‘Olde World Series’ which basically means it combines different shapes and sizes of stone.

Dry WallWe have dry wall // also look at the mess! 🙂 Master Closet

Standing in my favorite room of the house aka my walk in closet // Storage was big for us and this house delivered with a total of 8 closets! Paint SamplesPicking out paint color// This is such an important yet simple thing to do. Buy samples of the paint you like and paint them on the wall. Paint a sample in a spot that will be in the sun and then in the shade later you’d be amazed at how different paint looks on the wall then on the paint chip and in different lighting.

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  1. Wow! Congrats on building your home! That´s awesome! I hope to someday be able to build my own home and this list is great. I think finding a good contractor is essential. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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