Themed Engagement Photos

Hey guys! I just wanted to share some ideas and tips when taking engagement photos. My husband and I over the years of dating had many photos taken together so I knew I wanted my engagement photos to be something fun and different. I looked all over Pinterest and decided to do this “Old-Timey” “Retro” if you will- themed photo shoot. So I got together my ideas and went shopping. The end result turned out better than I could’ve hope, to me the theme has a whole ‘The Notebook’ feel to it.

Here I’ve compiled a list of themed photo shoots you could do:

Vintage Themed (20’s, 60’s, 80’s, whatever era fits you guys)

Movie Themed (Masterminds, The Notebook, Mr. & Mrs. Smith)

Sports Themed (Jerseys, football, golf, baseball, stadiums)

Disney Themed  (UP, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast,)

Carnival Themed (Ferris wheels, cotton candy, stuffed animals, candy apples)

Music Themed (Guitars, banjos, pianos, music sheets, dancing)

Country Themed (Camo, hunting, fishing, boots, fields)

Big City Themed (Classy, tall buildings, taxis)

Star Wars Themed (Jedi masks, lightsabers)

Woodland Themed (Trees, suspenders, plaid, blankets, fire pit)

Lifestyle Themed (At home, in the car, everyday life happenings)

Whatever you choose to do it make it yours and have fun with it! If you’re still not sure what to do but still want to do something unique for your engagement photos, ask your photographer. Likely chances they have some ideas that they have been wanting to do for a while just haven’t had the chance or the models to do it yet.

My dress: Goodwill (tied with a red hair ribbon around waist)

My Shoes: Goodwill

His Suspenders: Belk

His Hat: Belk

Location: This is in my hometown – this sweet older couple ‘general store’ / gas station / and cars all next to their house. They do allow photos to be taken there but mainly use their space for when their car club gets together.

Photos Taken by: Storyteller Photography (!/HOME)

Note: These photos were scanned so quality is low.

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  1. Those are some great ideas for a photoshoot. My favorites have to be the movie theme or Disney because who doesn’t like Disney. Another great one I think is a holiday theme.

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